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Omega 3 and Weight Loss

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Omega 3 and Weight Loss

Millions of Americans have fallen prey to obesity in the nation and therefore it has become all the more important to find out a way to combat the issue before it assumes an uncontrollable dimension. Get quick solutions at and stay trim and fit.

The latest weight loss accelerator in the block seems to have arrived with Omega 3 and it has already started to show results for those who have been wise enough to include it in their weight loss diet plan in time.

This Omega 3 weight loss page attempts to show readers the way to it as well. Read on for more information.

Omega 3 and Weight Loss Studies

Recent studies have shown that consuming Omega 3 and losing weight is possible because this item stores in its nutrients the capacity to revamp the metabolic power in a steadfast manner.

It is a known fact that the pace and rate of burning calories can be accelerated in the body by improving the liver health and also by fortifying the strength and vigor of the white adipose tissues in the human body.

Omega 3 can prove to be beneficial for favoring both these and hence encourages the body to burn as many calories as possible in the long run.

And when the body burns more calories than what it stores as fat, the result is definitely sure shot weight loss.  Omega 3 and weight loss therefore definitely shares a strong connection.

Omega 3 and Weight Loss Diet

When trying to cut down on flab, one must remember that all fats are not bad and if the good fats can be carefully blended into a weight loss diet plan, losing weight becomes easier than ever. The focus should be more on healthy food and right proportions rather.

Smart fats like Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial and an Omega 3 and weight loss diet plan only confirms that.

Omega 3, protein and carbohydrate- all three of these must go into any weight loss diet plan which aims at real long term weight loss results.

Research and studies have time and again established the fact that Omega 3 can boost the fat burning capacity in a body by a whopping 10-20% and rightly so, since weight loss groups which had incorporated Omega 3 into their diet plan have successfully shed weight faster than those who did not.

An Omega 3 and weight loss diet can safely include low mercury sea fish varieties like sardines, salmon and mackerel as well as lean meats, shrimps, eggs, spinach, walnut, flaxseed and soybean.

When incorporated in recommended quantities in the diet, these foods can assist one in losing weight fast and quick.

Omega 3 and Weight Loss

Omega 3 and weight loss benefits have been sourced in by so many weight watchers worldwide that continuous research is being conducted in this field to fortify it with additional information and updates.

Omega 3 and weight loss 2011 studies indicate that a weight loss diet, when supplemented with Omega 3 rich fish oil can accelerate the fat and calorie burning capacity in a body in an innovative way.

Not only fat oxidation, the metabolic rate of a system is also seen to increase with such diet enhancements with Omega 3 and therefore melting the pounds away becomes a much easier chore this way.

Omega 3 and weight loss 2011 links also reveal an interesting data. Omega 3 rich fish oil can make the insulin level take a dip. Insulin is a known inhibitor of fat breakdown in the body and high levels of insulin can readily convert carbohydrate into fat and store it in the body as excess weight.

A drop in insulin allows higher amounts of fats to be converted into energy, thereby allowing the pounds to melt off faster.

Benefits of Omega 3 for Weight Loss

Omega 3 and weight loss have been linked in so many ways that benefits are bound to bounce off as a side effect. There are not one but many benefits of Omega 3 and weight loss -

  • EPA and DHA lower insulin levels in a body and readily burn off excess calories as energy.
  • Omega 3 fats are anti-lipogenic in nature and therefore blocks storage of fat in the body.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids stimulate blood flow towards muscles when working out and thus accelerates its fat burning ability.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids improve liver function, the organ which allows one to buff up metabolism and burn fat quickly.

Growing communities of weight watchers are incorporating Omega 3 into their diet plan to shed weight faster and are getting amazing results out of it.

The link between Omega 3 and weight loss has been therefore established rightly and all those who want to shed their pounds quickly must include this elixir in their menu plan.